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Accelerating the Decarbonisation of Hard-to-Abate Sectors with Turnkey Solutions

To drive the adoption of the Hydrogen economy, Sydrogen integrates systems into turnkey solutions where direct electrification faces challenges due to volume, weight, operational requirements or grid availability.

Solar Panels in Mountains

Off-grid Power

Sydrogen offers stationary power solutions for project developers to enable zero-emission pathway for long term duration or and high energy storage requirements.

Electric Charging Station

EV-Charging Grid Relief

Hydrogen-powered EV Charging stations help overcome near-term grid limitations in areas where charging is needed the most.

Cargo Ship at Sea


Sydrogen develops a range of solutions for Zero emission power for maritime applications from shore charging to vessel hotel loads, range extension and propulsion.

Sydrogen's Capabilities

Technical Excellence

Sydrogen has deep technical familiarity from stack components, sub-assemblies and software integration.


Strategic Sourcing


Leveraging global supplier partnerships, Sydrogen has access to automotive-grade fuel cell systems​ and ready-auxiliary systems across the value chain at offer competitive costs.

Business Meeting

Tailored Solutions​

​Our solutions are can be customised for pilot scale to commercial-scale projects as required to your needs.

Systems enabled with SydroDIAMOND®

SydroDIAMOND® provides enhanced durability and performance to ensure consistent power generation uptime.​

Products featuring SydroDIAMOND® provide enhanced durability and performance for extended product uptime, offering end-users an attractive total cost of ownership.

Partners and Clients
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