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Coating solutions for every stage of production
Batch Coating System BSFI - 1210
Sydrogen Coating Machines.png
Inline 1713 (5) - PNG.png
FCVA Hybrid Batch System
  • Batch coating machine, for new coating development

  • Features the capability to tune a large number of parameters for optimising coating properties

  • Capacity: R&D batches, up to 100k pcs/year

FCVA-R Inline System
  • Scalable and modular inline machine, for pilot, small scale batch to commercial production

  • Features flexible fixtures to accommodate changes to different Bipolar Plate designs

  • Capacity: 120k - 800k pcs/year

FCVA-V Inline System
  • Inline equipment optimised for mass production designs

  • Features ultra high throughput feed mechanism

  • Capacity: 1M - 3M pcs/year

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