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Test Engineer

Sydrogen Energy Pte. Ltd.

Job Description:

The Test Engineer will assist the engineers in operating the fuel cell test stations. This will include assembly of MEAs and bipolar plates into a short stack and running various tests to characterize and optimize the performance of the stack.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Assembly and testing of fuel cell stack and components

  • Operate test stations to measure performance (polarization curve) and long-term durability of fuel cell stacks; perform sample conditioning and optimize test conditions

  • Work with the design team to fabricate fixtures and jigs for easier assembling and testing

  • Process data, plot performance curves, and generate reports

  • Discuss results and further refine test conditions together with the team

  • Assist with any other duties as assign

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in engineering, preferably Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical

  • At least 2 years of working experiences in relevant field

  • Ability to read and interpret mechanical drawings, P&ID, wiring diagrams, and other electrical schematics

  • Experience in cable and wire harness, electro-mechanical assembly, and digital multimeters

  • Familiar with various instruments in the test station such as pressure regulators, temperature and flow controllers, humidifier, as well as electronic load

  • Highly organized with good hands-on skills

  • Ability to analyze and plot data using basic Microsoft applications

  • Specialized training will be provided for specific skills required for the job

  • Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills

  • Good communication and interpersonal skill

  • Curious, open minded style, ready to new ways to come to best results in an innovative environment

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