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Assistant R&D Engineer- Catalyst

Sydrogen Energy Pte. Ltd.

Job Description:

The Assistant R&D Engineer – Catalyst will support the R&D Engineers in providing hands-on technical work related to the development and manufacturing of electrocatalysts for various applications, such as PEMFCs (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells). This includes conducting chemical experiments, optimizing synthesis parameters, conducting tests, analysis, and evaluation of results, along with various other lab duties.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Product Development: Assist the R&D team in the synthesis of electrocatalysts, including preparing samples and raw materials, conducting experiments, and optimizing synthesis parameters

  • Characterization: Test catalyst product performance by generating operating curves, defining operating conditions and identifying refinements. Analyze characterization data including transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and electrochemical characteristics (e.g., electrochemical active surface area (ECSA))

  • Cost reduction: Communicate with suppliers to purchase raw materials at competitive prices. Plan and implement cost reduction and product improvement projects in collaboration with suppliers, support personnel, and customers

  • Quality Assurance: Validate and maintain target specification and yield through product certification, ensure reproducibility, reliability, and safety of manufacturing process

  • Monitor inventory for chemicals, materials, and consumables; ensure material safety data sheets (SDS) are updated and documented properly; keep track of equipment servicing and maintenance schedule

  • Safety: Ensure the laboratory complies with safety rules and procedures and risk assessments are read before any activities are conducted. Maintain tidiness and cleanliness of the laboratory; conduct daily housekeeping and organization of lab apparatus and tools

  • Assist with any other ad-hoc duties as assigned by the engineers

Job Requirements:

  • Diploma in engineering or science, preferably Applied Chemistry, Chemical Technology or Chemical Engineering or equivalent field

  • At least 2 years of working experiences in relevant field

  • Experience in catalyst synthesis, characterization, and data analysis of electrocatalysts preferred. Training will be provided

  • Prior work experience in development, testing, and/or manufacturing of catalysts or related products is a plus

  • Prior work experience and knowledge of lab and equipment maintenance, safety standards, and product qualification is an added advantage

  • Good hands-on skills, careful in handling chemicals and apparatus

  • Ability to work in a multi-functional, multi-cultural team environment

  • Good communication skills in English

  • Strong problem-solving, technical, and analytical skills

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