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Sydrogen and City Energy sign a MOU

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

27 October 2022

Sydrogen and City Energy sign a MOU
Sydrogen and City Energy sign a MOU

The future of green energy is everyone’s part to play.

Sydrogen and City Energy Pte Ltd. have signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) to study the proof of concept for generating an end-to-end hydrogen fuel cell solution for off-grid power supply.

With Sydrogen’s capabilities in stationary and distributed power systems leveraging on City Energy’s extensive town gas network, the study promises to accelerate Singapore’s pursuit of a decarbonized, energy-diverse future.

Beginning in early 2023 through mid-2024, the study will tap on high-purity hydrogen extracted from the town gas produced by City Energy. Beyond this period, both parties will delve further into town gas-powered hydrogen fuel cells for broader off-grid applications. This MOU also marks the first time that a hydrogen fuel cell study will be conducted using town gas as a fuel source in Singapore.

We’d like to thank Ngiam Shih Chun, CE EMA (Chief Executive, Energy Markets Authority) for recognizing Sydrogen and City Energy’s efforts in developing innovative solutions to support off-grid decentralized EV charging and augment existing power grid infrastructure at today’s opening address in SIEW 2022 Energy Insights.

Let’s do our best to achieve Singapore’s Net Zero by 2050 target!

Read more about the MOU here:

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