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The All-New NDC 300 Decoater

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

07 September 2022

The All-New NDC 300 Decoater
The All-New NDC 300 Decoater

Nanofilm is pleased to announce the launch of the NDC 300 – our newest decoater system specially designed for mold coating removal. It utilizes Nanofilm's patented Ion Source Technology, optimizing the decoating process through adjustable etching energy and highly customizable parameters to achieve maximum efficiency.

Advantages of using our NDC 300 include:

  • Superior Decoating Results

  • Efficient Decoating Process

  • High Productivity

The NDC 300 Decoating System also boasts the following features:

  • Dual Processing Methods

  • Dual Operation Modes

  • Large Decoating Envelope of 12 inches diameter

For more information about the NDC 300 and its technical specifications, contact us at:



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