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STAR-TAC® is now registered!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

26 July 2022

STAR-TAC® is now registered!
STAR-TAC® is now registered!

We are proud to announce that we have registered our latest coating with the trademark, STAR-TAC®. As the newest member of our family of patented coatings, STAR-TAC® uniquely shines for all-round performance - it exhibits superior running-in behavior, reduction in sticking issues and extending the service life of your tools and components.

STAR-TAC® was developed to enhance sliding properties and corrosion resistance, with a layer of ultra-dense and smooth ta-C (Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon) coating on top, and a layer of hard CrWC (Chrome-Tungsten Carbide) coating as the underlayer. The CrWC underlayer significantly enhances the adhesion, critical load strength and corrosion resistance of the coating. Its unique characteristics include:

  • Tunable Surface Resistance

  • Dry Process Under Vacuum

  • Excellent Adhesion to Substrate

  • Room Temperature Coating

  • Ultra-Low Friction Coefficient

  • High Wear Resistance

STAR-TAC® is recommended for applications such as Plastic Molding, Cutting, Stamping, Forming, Engine Components etc.

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