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Fluorinated TAC-ON® coating (F-TAC)

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

26 August 2020

Milestone in Printing and Imaging Industry

Fluorinated TAC-ON® coating (F-TAC)
Fluorinated TAC-ON® coating (F-TAC)

During May of 2018, NanoFilm successfully developed Fluorinated TAC-ON® coating for application in Printing and Imaging industry, especially well suited for Roller components. The basic structure of the coating consists of TAC-ON® (basic structure). This coating can be deposited/applied on any rubber or metal substrate material surface. Its commercial value and key property relates in its low friction coefficient and low surface energy which could minimize the surface adhesion to Printer Toner with good wear and tear performance. Its hydrophilic property is one of the key measures among many others.

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