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Realising Our Hydrogen Future, Today

Integrating deep technology into the manufacturing and adoption of hydrogen technology

Why Sydrogen?

Foundation in
Deep Tech

Strong basis in advanced material, unlocking benefits to durability, performance and cost at the component level

29 patents

granted and

under application

Ready Production Capabilities

5,400 sq meter production  currently in mass-production. Certified to IATF 16949 automotive quality standards. 

Collaborative Spirit

Growing a hydrogen ecosystem cannot be done alone. 

Sydrogen collaborates widely across the value chain to fulfill our mission

Enabling Our Customers with
Performance Technology 

More than

> 7,500sqm

Bipolar Plate Surface Area Coated with Sydrogen's

deep tech coating

More than


Customers enabled

More than


Commercialised Coatings
for Stainless Steel and Titanium, with customisable options 

Driving Innovation from Components
to Adoption

sydrogen-photos-2 edited.jpg

Our Products & Services

image (31).png

Coating Equipment

Unique Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc coating technology, unlocking high quality, dense, uniform and adhesive coatings not possible with other techniques.

Bipolar Plates 2.jpg

Bipolar Plate Coating Solution

SydroDIAMOND®, proprietary coatings for PEM fuel cell metallic bipolar plates enabling high current densities with strong anti-corrosion properties.


Fuel Cell Power Generators

Zero-emission, reliable power for off-grid temporary power applications


System Integration

Fuel cell power solutions for stationary and maritime decarbonisation

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