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A Look Back at IZB Exhibition 2022

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

18 October 2022

Nanofilm participated in the IZB Exhibition held in Wolfsburg, Germany from 11th to 13th October. We had an extremely fulfilling experience, connecting with the automotive industry and sharing about how our nanotechnology solutions help maximize productivity and efficiency in automotives.

A Look Back at IZB Exhibition 2022
A Look Back at IZB Exhibition 2022

Visitors to our booth got to know about our patented Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA) technology and how it produces superior coating solutions applicable to both functional and aesthetic components of vehicles. We also had in-depth discussions around our deep tech capabilities in the new energy sector and how our SYDROGEN® subsidiary is breaking new ground in hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Moreover, our experts got to share about the potential of our integrated optics nanofabrication solutions – automotive players expressed interest about using Micro Lens Arrays (MLAs) for applications such as light carpets and harnessing Nanofilm’s capabilities in this area.

Part of Nanofilm’s Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon (ta-C) family of coatings, TAC-ON®, STAR-TAC® and iTAC® minimize friction and improve durability for components within engines, braking systems, power transmission systems and automotive production molds and tools.

As a leading optics nanofabrication provider, Nanofilm also leverages high-volume integrated MLA manufacturing capabilities, from design, lens and tooling fabrication to lens quality control.

SYDROGEN®’s SydroDIAMOND™ coating combines the superior qualities of Diamond and Graphite to provide excellent corrosion resistance and electrical properties, making it a tough yet versatile solution for new energy applications.

Nanofilm is based in Singapore, with operations in China, Japan, Vietnam, Germany and the USA. Our nanotechnology-based solutions are utilized in a wide range of industries such as computer, communications and consumer electronics (“3C”), automotive, precision engineering, printing and imaging, and new energy.

SYDROGEN® is a Singapore-based company created as a joint venture between Temasek Holdings and Nanofilm – a high-tech advanced material solutions leader bringing cutting-edge nanoengineering capabilities to the emerging Hydrogen Energy market.

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