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Batch Coating System BSFI - 1210

Batch coating system

The Batch Coating System (Model BSFI-1210) combines state-of-the-art Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA) thin film coating technology with our in-house anode layer ion beam, source body magnetron sputtering system and hand-picked pulsed bias. It also includes our patented double-bend magnetic filtration system. 

The system obtains 100% pure charged ions through plasma screening and it ensures the consistent uniformity and density of the coated film, result in improved wear resistance of the film layer. In addition, the system is fully automated with user-friendly monitoring system and simple operation procedures for production efficiency and consistent quality.


Inline coating system

Sydrogen’s Inline Coating System combines the essence of our technology to your high-volume production requirements.

This system can also be integrated to your production line.

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